Monday, June 8, 2009

Lil' Bull Update :Name Suggestions?

Updated with picts

Send me suggestions for Names?
Taurus Minor? What do you all think? It was #379 off the FW line so any guesses?
Got another post it or send me a PM.

I'll post picts latter today, the camra's batt was dead.

The lower half is finished other than the hydrolic lines on the legs. I made good progress painting all the trim on the upper half this weekend. I'm full bore right now. After the legs were done , the pace has seemed to pick up for me, at least it may just seem like that. Th Apoc missile launcher is very close to being finished, the main torso is also very close as are the sholders too.

I've started the trim work on all the armor and tings are progressing very quickly. It's like I jumpped that last hurtle and can see the finish line...

Jason really steaped up , and did a awesome Air brush job on the big armor pices. This wold have not been a good pice for me to learn how to air brush correctly. He also cut me some 1/8" thick poly styrine bases to mount the Guy on. So mad props to him , Cause I know he is Slammed getting his "Little" bundle of Joy ready , and no I'm not talking about another kid, but this project is bigge enough to be a kid.

Waagh Notes!
If you want any thing special for the waagh Let us know soon, even if it dircet order. We have to start planning the last couple orders for GW stuff before the Festivitys. If you are looking for new SM or Planetstrike stuff , we will have it , but you may want to "reserve" some since we don't know how fast we will run out of stock.

Any body got any good BBQ sugestions for Memphis? I may want to do a Taste test of the local stuff. Also Bars Near by the hotel? I so looking forward to this trip. It can't be all work, got to have a little fun ;) , shhh don't tell the wife.

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