Friday, May 22, 2009

Small Updates

Lil Bull
I've seen some of the Air brush work Jason has done on the Armor for Lil Bull. It's looking Great.
I have been down this week due to a Shoulder injury , so not painting has been done, but I got he magnets in for the Torso split and arms if needed. I know alot of work need to be done on him ( Trim work and Rivets UGH!) But things are moving along decently. I don't know if I will have time to start another Biggie before the Waagh, but may break out some IG Super heavy Tanks instead.

Big Waagh!
Let me clear up a little miss information. As of last Sat there were still hotel rooms available. There was some issues that got cleared up, and a bit of miss-communication that led to a mini Panic. That said, that was last Sat, so I don't know the current situation. Best to check the Big Waaghs! web page for the most current info.

The Apoc game looks to be shaping up for some mass carnage there. I'd say that Me and Jason are pretty much just going for Mass Destruction on a truly global scale. The key parts of both our builds are locked in it's just the accessory units that we are still working on. For me Troops are not as big a deal as say for Jason. Who and what to take for just 5000pts... I could not fit he 12 Land Raider/Death wing rush in ( the LR's would average about 48-4900 just by them selves not to mention the 60+ Termies). Do you go hard as nails troops, or mass Hord of Cheap throw away Troops since you know they are getting templated.
Tough choices. I know how I would go, but I think Jason may go the polar opposite way.

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