Sunday, May 24, 2009

Big Waagh! (lil' Bull update too!)

So The hotels are booked, the inventory has been updated, the Travel plans are made, And time off has been lined up.

Our Apoc Armies are taking shape. I'm as confused as to the final line up as I am happy about working tomorrow. I have a bit more play in what I can choose. It really come down to what all I can finish up. Jason has offered to let borrow certain units if needed. So for I have 3300 of the 5K mapped out.

We need to know What you ALL want? 40k wise what are you all looking for product wise. Is there some thing special, Are you looking for a large army deal. Are you looking for a specific item? We will have a decent amount of stock with us , and lots of the New July releases but what else are you going to be interested in? Drop either of us a Line/email/PM if we can help out in any way.

Lil' Bull
I got the Armor pieces back from Jason, and I can say they look Awesome. I hope my meager painting skills will match up with his Air brush techniques and the awesomeness of this model.

I've started the long process of painting all the trim work. So it could take a while before you all will see a major update on the progress. Hopefully you will enjoy what is finished so far. The head and it's armor Have turned out very well .

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