Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Super Heavy's and things to come

We are less than one month (more like 2 weeks) from the release of the Awesome Ork Stompa , and IG Shadowsword/Stormlord. Both kits are ripe for some nifty Customs.

After this past weekend at the GW open shop 2k9, I think every one can safely say the IG are the next codex out. There looks to be 4 new plastics, and 4 new metal kits coming out with a new codex and 2 new box sets. The codex rolls out along with the AWESOME new Valkyrie. If you can look around to see some of the neat stuff they stuffed in to this impressive kit ( door gunners, 3 different under wing weapon configurations, and possibly a gunship version, FW is saying there will be add on's just like the Baneblade). Rumors have it that if you like tanks you will be very happy ( 20+ different tanks) and some nasty other surprises.

Between these two releases it will be a very busy Early summer, and making for some Huge Apocalyptic games. We will keep every one posted on more cool stuff Dropping Planet side this summer.. yuck yuck...;)