Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kalm Before the WAAAAAAAAGH!

This weekend is the Kalm before the WAAAGH. I will be in attendance but won't be playing. Cage on the other hand will be and I will do my Best to harass and Annoy his lack luster 40kFu.
Next week is the Big week for super heavies. The Stompa is just crazy with the possabilities for some really crazy stuff.

IG stuff will be out in May , and I hope the Valkyiere is as well recieved as the much needed IG codex is already getting. The New Flight base is neat Too. I might have to try and get a few for the FW stuff I already have.

A couple neet Direct orders are already out now too! Space marine Casulities and the Space wolf Commander with dual Lightning Claws ( hint expect more SW stuff soon hint).

Enjoy ,Looking see every one at the up comming events we will be attending this Spring!