Monday, December 1, 2008


Finally we have something to give you something to look at. The site is a work in progress to say the least. There are several sections without product or pictures. To be honest, its going to be a while. We are working on it every night a few sections at a time.

Currently, the only thing on there is Games Workshop's products. Postage is $5.99 no matter how big or small the order is and 90% of it all is 20% off. Seeing how GW will not let anyone post prices or have a shopping cart on their site, orders are handled as mail-order. Never fear, all voice mails and emails are sent to our phones to get back in touch with you in case we miss your call.

There are three of us and we have a fully stocked inventory. Shipping supplies are still arriving even though we have enough to meet the needs. Our first order came through for a large Daemonette army. NICE!

Gives a look see:
Let us know what you think so far.

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