Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Assualt On Black Reach PEEK


What was meant as a really nice starter kit for new comers for Games Workshop's Warhammer 4000 tabletop game actually turned out to be a nice tasty chunk of meat for current 40k gamers. The guts of the box include a paperback lite version rulebook, the paperback Black Reach book, dice, templates, a ton of Ork and Space Marine models, and those red LOS pointy sticks.

The rulebook is the same as the hardcover version but without the fluff. You still get scenarios and stats on all of the races with respective weapons. Considering that you can buy a rulebook for about the same cost as this whole set it is more than a good deal.

The other book is not like the book in the last starter kit. Instead of practice games you get more about how the game is played and some background on the races in the 40k universe.

The dice are the standard White GW kind. Gw still seems to feel the need to includes those red LOS sticks. The real new game accessories are the new green templates. These are the standard shapes (small and large blast with a flame template) but in the new thicker green plastic.

Now for the meat of the box. The models are all plastic and not like the multi part variety that you get in the usual box set of figs. To make it simple for beginners to the game and modeling, the figs are either a whole part or two halves that you put together. Some of the bigger figs are made with the same simplicity but have multiple parts. Just about the only parts to put in place are the guns which on the Orks makes them semi pose able. All models come with appropriate bases.

Here is what the box contains:
1 Space Marine commander (bolter and sword)
5 Terminators (storm bolters, power fists, and a sword)
10 Space Marines (bolters, missile launcher, flamer and a Sergent w/ bolt pistol and sword)
1 Dreadnought (multimelta and close combat arm w/storm bolter)

1 Warboss ( combi weapon, power claw, general bad assness)
20 ork boyz (pistol and axe, 2 big shootas)
5 Nobz (pistols and axes)
3 Deffkoptas (rokkits)

The real gem besides the Terminators s the Dreadnought. Keep in mind that you are going to pay $40 to $55 per model separately. What everyone has been asking about the Dreadnought is how easy is it to change out the multimelta. As you can see, the construction is simple and changing the arm would be easy.

That's it. The cost of the set is in the $60 range, well worth it. I have managed to tare out the back reference pages of the rulebook after a day of gaming. If you don't have a preorder for this kit you may have to wait for a bit as all 20 of the kits that Game Headz has are now spoken for. Don't worry, another order will be on the way soon.

Below are some pics of the plastic sprues. I hope that this blog was helpful for you about this kit.

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