Tuesday, December 27, 2016


OK so we are doing this again.

The big problem with me doing these blogs is time.  I have some decent content but finding time between work, family, playing games, and being in general lazy is difficult.  There is a ton of content to share and it would be a real shame to not share it.

Yep, we are still doing the paintball, airsoft, PC games, and 40K.  My fetish right now (for the past three plus years) is War Thunder.  Eventually I will make a review of the game and it's content.  You all have this guy to blame:ManyMilesAway You Tube and FB.

He is a YouTuber that goes over War Thunder.  The work that this guy has made me laugh so much with the dry humor that I appreciate.  So I want to contribute and help out with content whenever I can.  I love this stupid game and want to support it.

Another guy that does a less funny but really good review is Mike Goes Boom.  Check him out.  He was actually the one that directed me to Miles.

Hopefully there will be more to do with these scrubs so long as the Adderall holds out.

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