Tuesday, April 14, 2015


From Kage (aka the Dad):

So why after two years we are just now updating and who are we?
Well, we are myself and my 2 sons.  Lavadrink (oldest son aka ZombieMeat) has his own YouTube channel and we have been kicking around resurrecting the blog-spot and re-purposing it.

This blog site started out with a website that I had selling Games Workshop items.
The site is long gone and I no longer sell any of it.  We haven't been active with tabletop games since we moved to Mobile, AL almost 4 years ago.  This hobby has been in hibernation. Since then our interests have expanded as my kids get older.  

My oldest and 2nd oldest are into paintball, Airsoft, PC/console gaming, regular sports, and still tabletop.  I have always encourage these hobbies.  They are good for social interaction, stimulating to the mind, and healthy.  We are very evolved with Scouting.  We accept people for who they are and want to see the good in all.

As we find new things to do and places to see, this blog will reflect that.  There will be lots of reviews to products, places, and events.  As we expand the our Airsoft/paintball group into an actual team, more members of that team will be invited to contribute to the blog site if they wish and are allowed to.  Being the only parent and adult in this group, I will carefully monitor all interactions here.  We are about safe fun above all else!  

More to come shortly!!  our first review will be of Battle Grounds indoor Airsoft up in Irondale/Birmingham.

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