Friday, June 22, 2012

As you can probably guess, Game Headz has gone under a change.

I started and this blog to support the store I had and tabletop gaming. I closed what the GHz store was and moved to Mobile, AL. For two years I have had nothing to do with miniature tabletop warfare. All of my models, books, and anything to do with it where put into storage. I left the blog up in the care of the two other editors who still play 40K.

Now that my kids are old enough to learn how to play and enjoy the hobby itself, I decided to get all of our models and stuff back and make a nice place to build and play. Just two months ago, an actual game store, Gamers and Geeks opened up in town. Not only did this store fill a void in the gaming scene here in Mobile, but it filled a wanting urge to bring back to life a hobby dear to me. So now it is on kids!

The order of the day is to help this store in anyway that I can. They play magic tourneys and play all sorts of board games. There is anime night and tons of space to play. The store is still a work in progress but it is a popular spot already. My task is to stir up as much interest in tabletop games at the store. I'm a 40K'er and that's what I know so that will be my first option but I will not limit to 40K though. will take over the blog from my beloved GHz. It is our hope to bring the gaming community together with GnG as a central point to meet at. This isn't limited to just Mobile (moe-beel). We want to see a lot of excitement throughout the Southeast!

Join us down this road and let's see where it goes!
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