Tuesday, October 26, 2010

AdeptiCon 2011: Are you going?

I'll be the first one to tell you I hate playing in tourny settings.
To quote a former famous pod caster.... I'm a Beer and Pretzel type gamer...I mean there is no way in heck I could play all of mine, hell even 1/6th of them in a "normal" tourny setting ( 28,000pts and still climbing!).

So why am I going to the premier 40k tourny in North America next year? To Throw down! Not just playing table top stuff, but to Party.....
I'm going up for the whole week end . I am trying some thing out....http://www.adepticon.org/

I booked with a tour company.....
For the most part every thing was taken care of. I'm driving up so a fun filled 10hour trip from Sweet Home Al awaits me next spring... Hey at least I got a new car that I won't have to worry about breaking down ( Happy to say VW love in the House! ....again, I miss the R32 :( )
I also got in early enough that I got to book my weekend event early , and I won a drawing for a free weekend pass ( Free stuff is good! Since I booked a ton of classes/seminars). So things are already looking up.

I've already had every thing I wanted to do booked for several days before the the general masses could book. I have registered for a ton of seminars and classes. I will have time to walk the floors and take picts , chat,buy, meet and greet.... but not play in one of the big events....

Why you ask? Should I not be going up to Play?

Because I'm trying to become a better painter and sculptor. Other than the fluff it's what I enjoy the most in the hobby , not the competitive play. I just like having fun, low or no stress.
it was the same way when I was playing Mechwarrior the dark ages and heroclix... I preferred to judge and have fun. I had my fill of competitive paintball ( don't laugh I played on the bigger circuits for 7-10 years and I enjoyed it ,but I got burned out from the stress and political infighting that was always going on), it was as cut through and intense as you can get ( as if regular Paintball was not normally intense)

Another reason? Well I'm hooking up with a bunch of my online friends and seeing some old friends.

Are you going? You Should be, get off your duff and go! I'm sad I missed out on the 40k radio UK trip, but I don't think the wife would let me go to the UK with out her, and she is not fond of my extra curricular activities ( I'll say she tolerates it, and some times gives a gift to me as a surprise :) )

I may bring up the Pack MAX with some selected Apoc goodness for an impromptu throw down, but it is not my top priority...

It's only 5 months away and I can't wait.
See you all there.

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