Monday, August 16, 2010

***We Require DUSTOFF ASAP!*** : Thunderhawk build wrap up!

Warning crappy iPhone picts ahead!

Custom cut Foam from Battlefoam
So just How big is a Thunderhawk?

This is a reference pict (from L to R) Mk2b FW LR, SM Dreadnought, Belial Termy commander, and a MotC on a standard Inf base.

Oh what that in the back ground?

Yes it's like 2.5/2.75 Land raiders long.... and 4-5 wide! about 2 tall
And has some good weight to it ( the 9v batt in mine dose no add that much weight to it)

Well I'm Done with it! ( minus the Battle cannon which I'm 99.8% certain I'll never use ;) )I finished up all the weapons & the windscreen "Glass" this past Sunday night.This last round of building and painting was rough...

The Missiles each had to have the magnets labeled the polarity (red paint on one side of each magnet x6 missiles x2 magnets per missile and like 24 magnets that had to be lined up so any missile could go on any of the 6 rails....) and each missile also had to modified so that there was a semi flat surface to mount the magnet.
The Volcano cannon was easy.... I had already before I got waist deep set up the magnets on both the guns and the Hull mount. I had to ad a strip of plasti-card under the gun to keep the barrel from drooping.
The wing Heavy bolters are on magnets to allow full 360Deg movement, with out falling off or breaking.
The Windscreen "glass" was some of the colored translucent PVC sheets I picked up at a closing Hobeytown USA. I used a substance called Micro Krystal Klear from Microscale Industries to "glue" each hand cut window in. I had several people recommended the Micro Sol for decals, and when I went to the web page I got a full kit of their products... It dried clear and I'm fairly happy with my first attempt.... ( much more use of it to come with the IG army!) front is yellow and the top is red...

The chapter doors (Dark Angels) turned out well ( much better than the first set I got from FW ... they were a nightmare to fit on the Mk2b LR)
Any how picts.....

The Last thing a PDF wants to see...
Tally Ho!

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