Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Death from Above.... well Almost: Thunderhawk build mega update!

Sorry for the lack of posts!I've had some health issues and Work has kept me very busy, so there has been very little time for 40K.Now that the temps are hitting 100+ deg F, I've been spending more time inside , and less time doing much needed yard work.I've basically finished the Thunderhawk with the exception of the weapon load out and the chapter doors and the glass on the canopy. There are a couple things I will "touch up" or weather a bit.Here is a walk around from the tail forward clockwise
I used Testors Master Modeler Air brush only Jet Exhaust over GW Boltgun Metal for the exhausts. There are some GW Tin bitz and Chaos Black on some of the fine detailsSame here on the Air breaks . Light Airbrushing of the TMM Jet Exhaust over TMM British Crimson , the under side is BGM, CB,TB,Bloody Red, Mithrial Silver and Shining Gold. All the flaps are Pined on but as an added touch I left small gaps with the pins barely exposed to look like the Hydraulics for the flaps, there is some BGM in the gaps too. Brit Crimson on the flaps.TMM Black Chrome Trim was airbrushed for the main color. This fits very well for my Deathwing army and my Built Landraiders are the exact same colors. For my first go at Airbrushing it turned out very well. I had a steep learning curve but did my home work. The TMM BCT was an enamel which required a mix of thinner , and the Brit Crim is an Acryl which required a different type of thinner in a different mixture. I cleaned up every thing well in between switching the colors.
The Jet Exhaust went strait threw since it is more of a wash than a paint.
The only bad thing that came up was some over spray that got on my Kick ASS gaming table top. A quick blast of some Grey primer and a touch up of the Stone Fleck paint and it will be as good as new.Ok I know the Canopy is lose , but I just put it on for show , I have to put in the colored transparency stuff before tacking it down. The interior is fully painted and hit with a heavy wash of GW Badab Black over the BGM, CB, and several minor bright colors for control panels and lights ( Fiery Orange, Snot Green, Scorpion Green, Blood Red, and Bad Moon Yellow off the top of my head) Speaking of Lights.Oh I forgot ....Lights offLights On...It's Miller time!
two red 3mm Leds (5-13v) in the front cargo bay running in series they also have black heat shrink tubing on them to help hide the wires on the roof with all the resin piping and wiring, a "Welding" bundle of 3mm Leds in series (blue, white, light blue that flash/twinkle) to add some flair to the upper cargo bay, it's a neat effect that photos don't do it justice. it reflects down to look like there is some activity or some sort of display screen flashing up there, but it's not a direct light so it's subtitle. Wired in Series to make the wiring a bit simpler on me in the tight confines and to help use just one 9v batt "hidden" in a neat tidy batt compartment under the fuselage.
Another Red led up under the front consoles adds some back lighting flair to the 2 crew. and to show off all the painting I had to do ( it sucks :( I can't paint flesh and eyes worth a crap)

Side shot of the Mood lighting... This will be buttoned up with a chapter door when finished. The Heavy Bolter turrets fully moves and traverses and elevates on both sides, all the wings had to be pinned on and same with the mounts for the boltersA shot of the huge engines and Stub wings.The stub wings are hinged and can elevate and depress. This stub wing also has a Lascannon on it.The Capacitors and Batts are detailed too. For the astute that look at the picture , they will notice that there are no missile rail on this wing. This was a running change when I decided to magnetize them so that they can be removed.
More stub wing Burn up Air break viewsHere are all the weapons in production. The main Gun is magnetized so that dick venues that won't let you play with destroyer weapons can still eat Crow when I whip it out. Get ready for some Death From Above.

Now for a sad note....

I'm beat building Marines right now!
Yes I have a crap ton of Marines in different stages of build ( 3 FW land raiders,40 DW Termies, 30 more DA vets, 4-5 different Dreads and FW dread weapons, 30 Urban Camo Scout snipers at a quick glance to go with the 26,000 pts I've built already) and if I keep them up I think I will burn out and stop playing...EEK!

So with out further a due....
I introduce the diversion to keep me in the game.

Yep I went straight Cheese!
IG Beotches....

4 IG battle boxes Cadian of course, 4 10 man sqds,3 valks, 2 FW Vults,2 additional command squads,3 New Manticores, 16 metal blisters, a Emperor's Fist Tank Co ( 10 LRBT's) with extra grub-ins ( Baneblade parts for conversions, and some FW bits) Oh and 1 more Shadowsword ( makes my 4th) and 2 more Baneblades (makes 3 &4 but one is a conversion can one say VMB on a real turret?)..... oh and there are some hydra turrets in there some place for the Armored fist squads.....

Eat it....Peace Out....

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