Monday, April 12, 2010

With out Camera

Some Tool made off with my camera this weekend at the Grand Am/Indycar race. This is the 2nd camera I've had Jacked in 2 years ( last was much more painful, A Sony Alpha 900 DSLR with 3 lenses from work!). It was not that great ( 10MP Cannon point and shoot) , but still its principle of it.

There will be tow bad things that effect my blog posts...
First you will be seeing crappy iPhone 3GS 3mp photos till I can replace it....which could be a bit
Second I had a ton of Thunderhawk build photos that I had yet to post here.

I've made good progress and Have all the parts but a 9V batt clip to mount the Batt in the bird. I may fashion something but no big rush.

Sorry to all
and hope the @$$ that swiped it rots in H-E double Hockey sticks for all eternity.

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