Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thunderhawk build :part 2.5 (small update)

Small update...

I have some more picts of the painting of the inside I'll post later. It is taking a while, there is way too much detail in there.

I got in a Order of small LED's to "Illuminate" the inside of the beast, since it's got so much left over room. Red overhead and under console lighting with some blue and white stuff way to the back. Powered by a 9v.

Waiting on a large order of resin bases and flight stands from Dragonforge that I placed late last week.

I will do a work up on that too, most likely next week ( Indy cars and Grand-AM race in town this weekend so I'll be busy). I have made good progress painting the interior, and it is close to being finished. Once it is done , I get the major external stuff built.

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