Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Major Forge world Web page upgrade

If you have not had a look at it yet , go give it a try.

It runs fairly fast, I've had no issues browsing it.

Couple notes:
Colors.... well They are Bad, like 5th grade 1st time web programing bad.

Most items have been cut to a single picture...kinda odd

With the Marine stuff , each item for each chapter is listed separately instead of in a drop down, even though most of the picts are reused...

A lot of the FAQ's and other info is only available if you make a new account, and your old account and any saved "wish lists" are gone.

The Forge World Open day was last Sunday for the lucky UK chaps and Ladies...
New stuff mostly ork
Grot tanks
Ork weapons
Ork Vehicle weapons
Ork Def Kopter transport
Very early Eldar Phantom titan... (it was cut out of foam 2.5' (foot) + tall, Expect it to be same price range as Reaver)
Tau Suits... more weapon load outs for the XV-9 Hazards, and a new command suit based on the Xv-9
Raven guard SM stuff ( doors, dread, Vet pack (based off the RTB1 marines stuff!))
IA8 is due in latter half of MAY 2010

Other tid bits:
FW is expanding it operations ( not new if you have read the GW stock reports)
Expect more IA books (3 a year, with more Masterclass and IA Apoc books too!)
Most if not all books will be IMP vs Xenos from now on...
No hot Xeno on Xeno action ( for the foreseeable time line :( )
Next book Eldar vs IG ( Cadien or Valhallen)....

Possible hint of Cult of Mars vs Cron ( would be major undertaking with basically every thing from scratch)

Warhamer stuff is getting it's own "forge" ( look at the bottom of the front home page at the FW link above)
Same goes for the "historicals"

Oh yeah for the Chaos Deamon worshipers , expect the Lord of Change and the Keeper of Secrets followers to get a codex to follow up ( Think Vraks but not 3 books)

DKoK and the Elyaisians are getting a rules update to fit 5th edition... like a mini dex that could be the size of the FW order catalogs.....neat if they are free, no word on if they will be , but some time this summer is when they should be out.

One funny pict was of the "Space Marine Lander" the FW guys have been working on, in there best humorous minds decided also put a Packard next to it stating "NOT THE STORMRAVEN"

Thanks to Philbrad.... leading the charge!

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