Monday, March 8, 2010

Blood Angels up for preorder=GW Web page crash

As of 10am CST the GW web page is Crashed/down.
EDIT// Its back up

Had to get the picts from Daaka daaka since GW is down.

The BA's were up for Pre order.

3 plastic sets

Baal Predator
Death Company /BA upgrade pack ( 5 death co)
Sanguinary Guard

A ton of new metals :(
Astorath ( Norwegian Death Rock!)
Lemartes ( I don't think he is new)
Sanguinary Priest
Sanguinor (Male Living saint?)
Seth ( that is one big chain sword)
Vanguard Veteran Sergeant with hand flamer

also the Flesh terrors shoulder pads.

no word on any thing else ...yet.
Disappointed no Furioso and Stormraven... :(

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