Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More requested picts of the Pack Max case.

I've had some more pict requests on the BF Pack MAX case I recently acquired. Specifically picts of "normal" sized BF in the case to see how much room there really is.

Ok, let me say my "normal" sized BF Foam trays are,well not normal sized. They are custom sized for Some "small" Superheavies. The Reaver leg tray is 6" while the other trays are 5" tall. Apparently there is a system of inserts to "adapt" the standard trays to the Pack MAX. It would best to call Battle Foam on this subject though.

I remind the viewers .... these trays are VERY LARGE "standard" sized trays.

Enough with the words... on to the picts.
This shows there is still a good 4"+ above the 6" deep tray.
This is two trays side to side and there is still a fair amount of room left.

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