Wednesday, December 9, 2009

If you have not heard Nids are up for Preorder..

I won't go in to a long review , or spill many rules leaks, but the New Nids and New Codex are up for Pre-order at GW now.

Hive tyrants... the only HQ in the dex ( not including named special Nids , old one eye, red terror)
Broodlords... work like Sgts for Marine squads
The battle box has nothing but troops in it... yes Warriors (in some form) are now troops
Carnifexes can be taken in broods of 3 ( IG tank co's any one?)
Hiveguard 2 shot Str 8 possibly Indirect fire weapon or no cover save...
Pyrovore.. shoots flame blasts, this may be the Anti tank all nid players have been waiting for.
Venomthrope... hits on 2+ , emits spore clouds.
Mawloc ... can attack and dis-engage from combat apparently or some thing like it.
Trigon... well its a trigon.. tunnels , fires a electrical blast short range and Raveners can come threw the tunnel... oh and Apoc data sheets are coming in Feb WD.

PS: Battle Missions.
One should expect a decent amount of releases for SM, IG, and Ork, stuff has been confirmed for these 3 races, but no one else. The Kits are just speculation but it could be like the COD ( Tau second wave and releases spread out for just about every one) release or PS ( Marine wave 2)

The space marine releases MAY have a direct tie in with another Codex a month or so later ( Blood Angels?) ( Passably a new plastic Dread kit) big news.. and if so I'm SOOOOO broke! Plastic Thunderhawk..... damn, you all know it was going to happen after me getting the FW kit. Always does.

IG's ... Look for some of the Artil to finally come out passable the stormtroopers and LR and Chimera ( Artil and the tanks are very good bets, since they only require 1-2 different sprew compared to the Hellhound and Demolisher kits, storm troopers to me are sill pipe dreams) Look at the pict released for the the Battle Mission already... the Basilisk looks a bit different, especially on the treads ( kit bash?)

Orks... Warboss kit, Buggies, Trac's, Plastic Killer cans ( 3 pack) and plastic Deff dread.
I think there are some picts of the Kans and the buggies that have been out for a long time see if you can find them, hint they are in a WD and few if any have said much about them ;) and the Cad's of the Traks has been around for a bit too.

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