Friday, October 23, 2009

New Advanced orders are up

GW got the holiday season started early with some Big expensive advanced orders today

Space Marine Megaforce $175 (20 tac , 5 assault, 5 scout snipers,rhino, pred,dread)
Ork Mega Force $200 (40 boyz, 9 warbikers, a truck , 5 lootas/ burnas)
Fortress of Redemption ( DA indom. fortress from PS) $99
2 pack of "Flat" Realm of Battle tiles $99

Oddly enough I posted the exact con tense of every thing not long ago... I must be a Psycher (Psycho) call the Witch hunters...

And my Favorite!
The Imperial Warzone! for a svelte $748.50... ( RoB, 5 bastions, 7 Aegis defense lines, 2 sky shields, 3 moon crater packs , and a Fortress of Redemption). Hey Jason ;)

As alway give us a call or drop us an email if you are wishing for Xmas presents...
most of it will be released the week of Nov 28th ( weekend after thanksgiving)

Still waiting on the Imperial city/sector and the Imp strong point...
Don't forget the Pink and I think Green big figure cases too...

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