Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Scuttlebutt: Nids Next after SW!

It's all but been confirmed GW the nids are next.

Yeah other web pages have been suggesting it, but it has all but been confirmed by one of the Lead designers (Phill Kelly at GD Germany) and one very reliable source at Warseer, that was the first to speak openly about Space Hulk and the Wolves.

Another key indicator:
The Nids box set is no longer up for order by independents
Gargoyles same
and the 4th ed nid dex is coming up hard to get too.

This would all fit with the rumored changes:
Less Metal/Metal Hybrid kits
return of "named " nids ( kind of... basically Vet battle hardened nids that are mutated"
4 new units... ( Trygon )
Better anti tank.

I'll say it once more , expect the Blood Angels next after the Nids and if not the Blood Angels , it will be a non codex Asteries , Asteries combo dex... BA/DA/BT. Yeah bite me to the Cron and DE players waiting to move in to the this century... GW is going to make stuff that actually sells in decent numbers and that would be Marine,Ork,Nid,IG, and Tau. They will come out when they are ready (Just like a Blizzard computer game)

Thunderhawk build....Terrrain build I should say
It's basically on hold. Due to the amount of work it will take to get going.
I have a ton of terrain I'm working on right now. I'll post picts tonight. Big ass Bastion ... 3 stories 2 panels by 2 panels, a lot of guns.... Smaller 1 and 2 story ones to follow too.

I hate that the Bastion does not come with Lascannons for the automated defences ... just the Heavy bolter option...lame, just like all the recent trends from GW on packing the boxes. Give people options but don't put the most popular one in the box, then release a $13 "upgrade" sprew 2-3 months later with said needed parts direct only. Also not enough roof panels are included to make big buildings so... plasti-card it is...

Daemon Adoptables
This is a kinda neat little sig to use. Currently you can "adopt" a daemon or a Nid( still some "bugs" with the nid ones) kinda like a Pok-a-mon. Pu tit in your sig , the more people click on it the more it grows or evolves ....

Broken Daemon Image
Level up Daemon!

It was to be a Nid...
Mine sucks right is to hoping for Marines or Kroot for the next ones.

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