Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Photobucket Penis Police Strikes Again

I am re posting an edited version of MATT BUCHANAN's Landraider in the original Photobucket post. Apparently the original unedited version violated the TOS with them. I think this is being PC too much. This kind of art work is fine for painting on the Sistine Chapel for the world to see by the thousands per day but the moment that it goes on some GW model then stop the train folks!
This guy put a lot of work into this. Rumour has it that the model appeared in WD at some point. Because of the effort that went into making this wonderful work of ART I am posting on the blog. Hopefully this won't get us in trouble with blogspot. I would just hope that you can enjoy the pics that we got from the Big Waaagh.
BTW, I think what got us in trouble is that we named it the porn raider for it's title. You can find the original Creation of Adam pics all through Photobucket. It's either PB software or some uppity art no-it-all who got their feelings hurt.
There, my rant for the day is done.