Monday, July 20, 2009

Wow! The Big WAAAGH! was great.

I'm just getting back from picking up my gear from Jason's.
I had a really good time and I hope every one else did too. Things were starting to look not so rosy a couple weeks before.

I'd like thank a couple people , Micah thanks for stepping up , I know by the end of the weekend your nerves were shot. If I could right now I buy you an adult beverage of your choice...

Donovan great work the mike and keeping every thing 40gt wise running well. Loved your attire.

The rest of the H.a.a.g.w.s. guy thanks for a great event and also thanks for helping load up on the way out.

I'm sorry in advance , because I can't remember your name ( I'm horrible with them) The Judge that ran all the Apoc games [Joe I think -Kage]. You are the man , and Thank god you were drinking, because if you had not I think you would have killed some one on both days...

Also Thank every one for stopping by the booth. We enjoyed talking and socializing with you all.

On my side I think every thing was fairly low key and not too many people were getting the Red Mist going but there were some exceptions...
Hey guys Have fun... It's a game. It's not like you live or die by the outcome of the dice.

The 40k Radio crew thank you all for stopping by the booth and helping out.
I hope you all saw how enlightening some of the new kits are especially the crappy bast scape craters and the Skyshield landing pad that can't even hold a Valk with out the legs almost giving way...... lame!
You all keep up the good fight.

Jason will have some picts up later, as will I , I think we will also be putting up some battle reports for both days Apoc games....
My one day was very interesting , since with about 5 minutes notice I was told to add another 4000-5000 points since we were down a man.. Lets just say lil' Bull got some help by way of an Early roll out of "Project X" or was that "E" .... lol picts and info to follow.

Thanks every one for a great weekend, and I hope more will attend next year.

PS: Also for the lame -o's that registered for the 40k gt and then did not show ... YOU SUCK!
There was a waiting list about 50 people long that were dying to play and to find out like 30-40 just did not show up after getting many extra tables at the last minute is just lame. I hope you all are permanently banned from the GT circuit. Due to your ASS hattery new steps are being taken every one will most likely have to prepay and there will be stiff penalties for pulling out at the last minute.

Poor form....

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