Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oh It's on like Donky Kong! (Lil' Bull update)

After my little Detour last weekend at Barber's Motorsport Park (Auto X and Skid pad day), work has really picked up. The wife went out of town so pretty much it has been all painting since she left.

As you can see I've started the upper torso. I had to pin the arm/shoulder to the torso after feeling how heavy the weapons would be. If you have ever looked at military aircraft there is a semi famous picture of a GAU-8 Rotary Cannon also known as the Avenger Cannon also known as the BIG Frigging Gatlin Gun that the A-10 Warthog litterly was built to fit it. That gun is sitting next to a VW Bug. The Bug is about Half its size. So you will kinda get the idea once they are painted. Longer than a Land Raider, so hince the pinning.

I did decide not to do the detailed interior , but am leaving the torso able to open up to install it later. I don't want people opening it up due to the breakage issues or fear of falling and killing other mintures.

I am detailing the interior of the head. If you do not have a magnifing light on a locking arm, get one! Take your time there is a lot in there and don't put the crew in, paint the interior and the crew seprate , then install them after you are finished, cause its cramped in there.

Oh there is a bunch of more work to do, but I'm getting close to the point where I can say OH IT's ON....

Big WAAGH , are you Ready?
no are you Realy Ready?....

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