Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lil'Bull update (small one)

Rivets rivets rivets....did I tell you all how much I hate painting rivets?
Well I do now....
The legs are about ready for the toes and the armor ( Jason Air brush?), and every thing else is Primed and ready for test fitting and paint.
I have already used 2 pots of bolt gun metal, and I have yet to start the torso. Good thing I ordered more ( box of it)
The amount of time I have spent on just the legs I could have finished the two Shadowswords I have sitting next to the work table ( still in wrapper and box), but for how much this kit was and how truly large and detailed it is , it's worth it! I may not be a Master painter , but I'm really trying my best at it and hopefully It will be some thing I'm proud of and will be happy to show it off...

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