Saturday, May 9, 2009

BALT GD a bust on Info

Early reports coming out of Baltimore is that there was very little in the information of new stuff, or stuff shown. No PP Presentation with the GW guys, just a Q& A. I have not here any thing from the Dealer only session though.

1. GW layed out there production limitations with plastic. Basically 50 "New" sprews per year due to space limitations holding the molds.

2. If your " insert army name " that has not been updated in say the better part of a Decade it is currently being worked on... DE, Cron, INQ... and they will take precedence over say the Nids, Tau, and Eldar. Not to say that they won't be updated soon , but more effort is being put in to the older ones.

3. Apperently there are at lease TWO Planetstrike kits that no one has seen or been published yet, one Metal at least one plastic

4. Vulcan and Khan were both shown as well as the Ironclad Dread ( still no hurricane bolters to be seen yet). Other than that no other new kit in the open.

5. FW answered some questions.... Ork vs Elaysians confirmed for IA 8 , kits to start showing up soon , Including a Vulture/Valk hybrid kit with 2 Punisher cannons, not twin linked ( 40 Shots !) This model was there.... New Warhound Mars pattern Weapons are not far off, and the Chaos Reaver is expected in Dec of this year.

That is about it , oh it sounded like that there may be some more "power armored" codexs coming up, after the space pupies... No time lines were given, the meeting was fairly loose and kinda seem unprepared or certain people were missing. That is all I have been able to cobble together so far.

Oh and I guess Jason spilled the big news here in town... a possibly Very large Apoc game. More will be released soon, but expect BIG point builds, not this sissy 3-5k crap (I may be able to field my entire Deathwing with all 15 Land raiders)... Yeah!