Friday, April 17, 2009

Lil Bull Pt 2

Well I decided to go with a build of sectioning off Lil Bull. Meening a section at a time. Unfortunately I started with the legs....

The lower half of the kit has about 60-70% of the parts from this monster of a Kit. There are over 72 parts in just the legs and lower waist that have to be inspected, cut , sanded, dremiled, and inspected again before , cleaning and assembly starts.

I am breaking with my routine and building the legs up before I prime them. Normally I prime the whole kit first, assemble the larger sub parts , base paint, detail paint, finish assembly , then touch up. This kit , with the size the requirement to test fit so much , Heat bend parts after test fitting , I decided that the full lower assembly was the best rought before painting.

Here are the legs , lower waist , ready for washing.

I'm going to use the Castrol Super Clean engine degreaser that Ihave used in the past over the diluted pine sol... I will have to scrub the parts too under cold water tommorow, I'd recomend using one of the "cheap" electric toobrushes . It does hel getting th erelease agent off it, and there was a bunch of it . I could tell while handeling it while sanding and dremmiling.

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