Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lil Bull Build Pt 4

Well I started the major assembly of the lower half. Couple helpful tips, Accelerant, Pin vise, and A Black Sharpie are all needed. A decent amount of Glue , and a 3rd and 4 Had are also helpful. Just to give you an Idea of all the lovely Pistons you get to paint and configure .... enjoy.
The thing about this kit is that there is no "Set" stance. You have to decide how you want , down to the "Toe" or toe foot pad. You will need a sharpie to mark off how much you will need to cut the pistons to fit the pose. This is also where a second set of hands helps too.
As you can see when you put the backs of the "Shins" on the engraved markings telling you where they fit are covered up. A simple solution is to label them with a Sharpie, like in the pict to the left. Don't worry It will get primed over and painted and it also is on the inside of the shin too.

I need to start mocking up how the legs will fit together, the Knee Piston assembly is the first thing you will have to make a decision about on the stance , and once you cut there is no going back. I though about making a dynamic action pose , but just decided to go with the ho-hum , "I'm kinda bracing to fire a mutiple template D strength weapon" pose... I know lame , but stable on a table.

here I started to lay the legs out to get an Idea, o yeah I threw in a couple Space marines just to give you an idea of the grand scale of it , CPT. Siccarius and a Sniper Scout....

If you look at it the leg is thicker around than a Termie base and that is with out any of the armor or Shin/foot / pistions ... Huge to say the least.